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Below are answers to most of your questions;

Yes! But it depends on the kind of investigation.
Fasting is subject to the investigations involved. However, almost every laboratory investigation is best done fasting.
Yes but with an evidence from the bearer of the result.
8am – 6pm; Mondays to Saturdays
24hours emergency services
You can call our helpdesk through: 090750100937 or 08065995827
Interpretation of results should be done by your referrer
It depends on the kind of investigations involved.
Absolutely not, we have a team of professional that ensures the safety of every procedure.
We have a condusive environment where such samples can be produced
Our phlebotomists are well trained to collect blood samples from all kinds of vein.
Turn around time.
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Lifechart Medical Diagnostic Services was founded 22nd Dec. 2007 at 57 Nike Road, Ukwuaki Bustop; offering only one service which was Ultrasound. Over the years, Lifechart Medical Diagnostic Services has always stood out in the very competitive world of diagnostic medicine as its timely, reliable and precise results spoke for the facility.

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